About NAi

The studio

NAi design: A small and friendly interdisciplinary design studio based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Precisely thanks to being a small studio, we are able to get to know each one of our clients well and to design according to their needs and desires.

We design spaces, objects and events for private individuals and companies.

We don’t just create spaces and objects. We design experiences.

Our design philosophy involves approaching the various requirements of each project (whether aesthetic, functional, commercial, symbolic etc.) with creativity, sensitivity and sensibility.

We also believe that knowledge is power. We closely follow all new trends and ensure that we are kept up-to-date: We read trade publications, attend seminars and visit fairs. Nevertheless, we dislike unnecessary excesses and prefer a balanced, no-nonsense approach.

Read more about our design philosophy: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Our fields

Interior design
We design and construct (including remodelling / renovating) interiors: Homes, shops, restaurants, hotels, fair stands.

Industrial design
We design and build original objects for various uses and needs: Furniture, luminaries, special installations, jewellery, decorative objects.

Event design
We design events of those who seek something different and memorable: Openings, exhibitions, corporate events, weddings, christenings.

In addition, we offer complementary services such as branding and identity design, web design and the design of promotional objects and staff uniforms. This guarantees consistency of all the individual elements which form part of a brand or business.


The people

Natalia Alexiou
Interior designer, amateur photographer, professional perfectionist

Natalia was born and raised in Thessaloniki. As a child she also lived in London and New Orleans, thus catching the travel bug from an early age.

Her attraction towards art and design was evident at an early age: While still a toddler, she registered the details of spaces and works of art, felt ill at ease in tasteless homes (!) and even today she can sketch from memory the homes of her childhood.

She acquired various formal and informal qualifications from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (law degree), the University of Cambridge (Master of International Law) and AKTO College of Art and Design in association with Middlesex University (BA Interior Design).

Before devoting herself to her passion for design, she worked as a lawyer, academic researcher and translator. This rather unconventional career path provided her with a wide and unusual set of skills and experiences, which have fortunately proved very useful in her current vocation.

She feels very lucky that her work in interior, industrial and events design is also her passion, and she loves sharing it either in person, with her clients, or through her articles in the NAi design blog and DecoBook online magazine.


Anna Bonarou
Architect, crafter, passionate DIYer

Anna was born in Athens and studied architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In the context of her graduate studies (MA in Education) she immersed herself into various aspects of art education and creative / open learning.

Professionally, her main fields are architecture and industrial design. She is also architecture editor of Ktirio, Greece’s leading construction design and technology journal.

Anna has extensive teaching experience, having been an instructor of architectural drafting and related subjects at almost all educational levels. Currently she supervises dissertations and degree projects by final-year students of AKTO College of Art and Design.

She is the author of books on architectural design and also on art education.

In 2009 her first book on computer-assisted architectural drawing was published by ION editions. The book was included in the recommended reading list of the School of Interior Design at the Technological University of Serres. Her second book titled “White Paper” will be published later in 2011 by Patakis publishers.


The rest of the team

Vasiliki Asaroglou, architect
Kiki Kaloudi, web and brand designer
Vangelis Dadamis, mechanical engineer