2011 Decoration Trends: Color blocking


Color blocking is yet another decorating trend borrowed from fashion design. Color blocking featured prominently in the spring and summer 2011 runway shows of fashion designers such as Gucci, DKNY, Dior and Proenza Schouler (to name just a few).

The style first become fashionable back in the 1960s, when it was popularized by “Mod” London youths. The Mod fashion culture was characterized by the innovative, bold and creative style of clothing, best exemplified by designers such as André Courrèges.

Strategically juxtaposing three or more bold, bright, contrasting or complementary blocks of color, often in geometric shapes, results in a youthful, dynamic look and which is currently one of the hottest decoration trends.

As you can see from the images below, color blocking is quite versatile.

Karel Appek House via Yatzer

A striking application of color blocking, inspired by the work of artist Karel Appek.


Colorful home in Sweden via Ideas to Steal

A bold and innovative way to create intermingling blocks of color on the floor, walls and openings.


Colorful stairway via Marie Claire Maison

An effective way to use color blocking in a home with traditional elements.


Fuchsia and orange blocks via Desire to Inspire

Strong colors tend to work best with clean, minimal lines.


Black Pearl Residence via Yatzer

Although usually associated with bright colors, this kitchen is proof that color blocking may well include neutral hues such as grey, black or white.


Laundromat cafe via Ideas to Steal

This retro-inspired style is actually from a cafe but could work just as well in a living room.


BNP Paribas Bank via The Cool Hunter

Color blocking was prominent in the design of this French bank. Yes, it really is a bank but could easily provide inspiration for a funky home or restaurant.


Illegal Burger Restaurant via The Cool Hunter

Not your typical fast-food restaurant. The designers’ placement of bold blocks of color (and the clever choice of cool hues) results in a cheerful and youthful interior that looks chic and not cheap.


Kapero Office via Ideas to Steal

Blocks of color can be effective even if used sparingly.


Color blocking using accessories

Dining table via Knibb Design


Venini Bolle Vases via Design Age











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