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According to Pantone, the colour of 2010 was a greenish turquoise : a cool, relaxing and rejuvenating hue reminiscent of tropical escapades. For 2011, a year which will probably be imbued with gloom and anxiety for larget parts of the world, the Pantone Color Institute chose a perky, bright and intense reddish pink, which Pantone calls “Honeysuckle”.

This colour is already making a prominent appearance in interiors, fashion, industrial design and graphic design. “Honeysuckle” is an optimistic, dynamic and energetic hue. It is ideal for dining rooms and kitchens, as it stimulates the appetite and increases gregariousness, while at the same time invoking sweet flavors and smells.


Being a quite intense color, honeysuckle is especially suited for individual walls, accessories and smaller objects. Also, painting the kitchen cabinets or cabinet handles in honeysuckle, the entire kitchen can feel renewed. If you are feeling bold, you can also paint some walls reddish pink: It is ideal for the entrance hall or the corridors, provided that they are not too small.

If honeysuckle is selected for the walls,  it should be the main hue in the palette and the other decorating touches should be subtler both in terms of color and texture. Honeysuckle can also find its place in the bedroom as long as it used with a bit of restraint. It is a color especially suited for wall coverings, curtains and linens, either on its own or as part of a palette.

It quite easy to combine honeysuckle with other colors. It goes well with classic colors like black, indigo, charcoal, white and various tones of gray. For a more sophisticated palette, add olive green or greenish bronze.

For a more unusual color combination, try it alongside warm brown, muted burgundy and dusky rose. Combined with lilac, mauve and lemon yellow, the result is a youthful and cool palette. If you are looking for a more ethnic palette, try it with saturated reds and turquoise. Finally, if an elegantly romantic result is what you seek, try it  alongside a lighter version of pink, light gray and a touch of ruby.

What do you think; Do you like honeysuckle?

How have you used it or how do you intend to use it?

Here are some ideas for palettes that include honeysuckle.

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